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Customer Testimonials

"Thank you so much for giving me the best haircut of my life! I'm constantly receiving compliments on my hair, and the best part is, Andy is so skilled with scissors that I just let my hair air dry and walk out the door. No damaging heat, blow dry or curling iron required!

I first came to your salon the day before my best friend's wedding in Pittsburgh. I had no time to get it cut in New York, where I live, before flying to the Burgh. My friend recommended your salon and said she her family has been seeing you their whole lives. The cut was far better than the $200-$300 haircuts in New York. I was so pleased with the cut, I made a special trip to Pittsburgh to get another cut a few months later. I plan to continue coming back as often as possible.

Thanks again,

˜   Elizabeth Watson

"I’ve been a loyal fan of Andrew John’s for years.   I believe that this shop is one of the region’s best kept secrets.   You get an incredible value offered by Andy and Tracey who treat you like a special friend every time you visit.   I’ve gotten to know Andrew and Tracy as two very special people who are totally dedicated to their customers.     They run a model business, a beautiful home and family.  

Andy delivers a styling that complements a man’s appearance like an Armani suit – only without the price tag.   Not only did I experience a nice savings over the upscale shops I had used, I walked away with a better cut, one that was contemporary and professional at the same time.   Andy knows his craft and understands hair.   As I’ve grown older, I joke with him about the fact that he does more with less – hair that is.     While I work with Andy, I know people feel the same way about Tracey. 

The cut grows out well so you don’t look like you “need” a haircut.    Now, when I go back, it’s for the welcome, the friendship and…the really cool cut."     

˜   Ron Fronzaglio

"I have been a client of Tracey's for over ten years.  I would not trust my hair to anyone else. She is an amazing person and hair dresser.   I recently got the Keratin treatment.  My hair is very thick, coarse, and curly.  It is very Diana Ross-esque.  Although there are days I love my Diana Ross hair, my fizz can be uncontrollable and annoying.  I also have this tight matted curly section of my hair that covers my occipital bone.  I have tried many things over the years to tame or straighten this section of my hair.  The keratin treatment is the only thing that has worked.  My hair has never been this healthy and tame in my 22 years of life and i have had thick, curly, long hair for as long.  If you have fizzy, thick, and unruly, I would recommend this treatment.  It has done wonders for my hair."     

˜  Adriana Bencivenga

"I have been a client of Tracie's for over 25 years. In fact, my wife, who brought me to the salon, and my sons, have had their hair styled by Tracie during that time.  And a great job she has done. We have become great friends with Tracie and Andy.  I highly recommend the salon to all!."     

˜  Jim Martin

"I have been going to Andrew John Salon for the past four years, and I have never once been disappointed or unsatisfied. Both Tracy and Andy have cut, styled, and highlighted my hair. I've had a few different hairstyles over the years, ranging from shoulder-length with layers, to short with bangs, to very long and all one length.   Recently I have had very long hair that I loved and was reluctant to get it cut, but I knew I needed some layers because it was getting to heavy to curl.   I was anxious, but Andy cut it perfectly--not too short bangs, keeping the length and adding beautiful layers. I was very happy with it and it was exactly what I had wanted.   I would never trust anyone else with my hair. They always know exactly what to do and what will look good on you.
Thanks for all the great cuts and styles over the years!"     

˜  Natalie